Monday, April 9, 2012

Volcan Masaya

On sabado, March 31, I went with my geology class to visit Volcan Masaya, located in Masaya, Nicaragua. Being the "Land of lakes and volcanoes", Nicaragua has about fifteen main volcanoes (volcanes). It lies on a fault line between two tectonic plates.
This is the museum's depiction of the plates on top of which Nicaragua is located.
This was me before our nature walk at the national park. 

Our class got together for a group photo before the walk. 
We observed the type of lava called Aa Lava. The sign said this particular lava is called Aa Lava because people can't walk on it without it hurting. 
The guide also gave us information on the different species of trees they have surrounding the volcan. This particular species is called Indio Desnudo (Naked Indian) as a common name and Bursera simaruba as a scientific name.
 They also showed us a source where vapor escapes from the ground. We could smell the sulfur and feel the warmth.
 After our hike, we drove up to the top of the volcan where we were able to see all of the sulfuric smoke. My friend Camila and I raced to the top. Our lungs started to burn from all of the sulfur.
 This is me at the top of the touristy lookout. I have my arm wrapped around a cross that is located at the top. They say that it protects against the demons that come out of the volcan.
This is the view from the bottom of the touristy lookout.  

I had a good time visiting the volcan.  The university exchange program actually brought us back there the very next day, so I was able to see it twice in one weekend. On Sunday there was a lot more smoke than sabado. So much so that my eyes burned from the sulfur when we arrived there.

It was my first time seeing a volcan before. There are so many here, I felt like my experience would not be complete without seeing at least one.
Nos vemos!

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