Monday, April 16, 2012

La Sombra Ecolodge - Matagalpa

In el norte (the north) of Nicaragua, there are montanas and the climate is generally cooler than in Managua where I've been living. We were able to travel to Matagalpa, one of the ciudades del norte, to examine the beauty and biodiversity they have there.
On the way there we stopped at a small shop to  have guirila, which consists of a cheese made in that area, a sweet tortilla, and crema (creme) wrapped in a banana leaf.

We stayed the night at La Sombra Ecolodge en Tuma de Dalia, Matagalpa.

This was the view from the room on the second floor when we arrived. 

The lodge had a beautiful pool/pond/fountain out front(which I'm sitting at). They also had animals roaming free on the grounds.

We hiked two senderos (trails) they have on their grounds. The first lasted an hour and a half, and the second lasted about an hour.
 I was able to see all of the biodiversidad (biodiversity) the land had to offer after living in the city for so long.

 At night, a chicharra entered the common room where we were staying. The chicharra makes a loud sound that is startling to hear. I was able to get a video of the sound.  
After the walk, we were able to see the mariposario (butterfly room) that they have on the grounds.

The guide told me that they are constantly looking for new species of mariposas (butterflies) and that they have already found 98 species of mariposa on the grounds. He said that each mariposa has a specific leaf that they eat, therefore they have the mariposas with their respective plants in the mariposario. He said that the only exception to this is the banana leaf, which has 5 mariposas that thrive off of it. 
I found this mariposa the most striking the image of its mimicry is so vivid.
 On the grounds they have frambuesa (raspberry) bushes, where we were able to pick our own frambuesas and eat them. In the same area they also grow cafe (coffee). Those are the cafe plants in the photo on the right.

This is una rama (tree frog) that we were able to see on the grounds. They live on the grounds in a netted shelter that is open during the day to let the bugs in. When we arrived, the ramas were sleeping under the large leaves.
This experience was one of the greatest I've had in Nicaragua. It felt so great to be back out in nature again after living in the city for so long. 
Nos vemos! 

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