Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Por que me encanta Nicaragua.

Why I love Nicaragua:

1. The people. Although it's generally difficult to describe a group of people knowing only a handful of them, I've enjoyed knowing the people I've met. I find that here connections and interaction are valued more than material things.

People sit for hours having lunch in the food court at the mall. Here it feels as though time is just better spent slow, relaxed, and enjoying it with people. I've learned that visits do not have to be fast, and that we can always enjoy each others' company in relaxation.

Also, there is no personal space here (and it's a good thing). I see women walking in the streets linking arms. And friends at the university affectionately playing with each others' hair. The girl with her hair being touched doesn't even bat an eye. She doesn't seem to mind or care, as if it is the most normal thing for her friend to do. I like this, not being confined to personal space. It gives me comfort with myself and others, and confidence to know that someone won't cringe at my touch. 

2. The lack of consumerism. The United States is all about consumerism. When I think of all the houses I've been into in the States, I remember that without fail, there is always a bunch of STUFF- so many unnecessary objects lying around taking up space and consuming our lives.

Here it's far from that. The products are expensive and I only see people buying what they need. Many people here do not seem to be raised with the same constant consumerism. Without a constant system of products to distract me, I'm finding it difficult to figure out whats really important when the distractions are gone. But it's been one of the most amazing aspects of living here. It gives me time to reorganize my priorities without consumerism for a bit. And it's been amazing.

3. Hammocks. 'Nuff said.

When I realize and make conclusions about the other things I love in Nicaragua, I'll keep you all posted.
Nos vemos!

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