Friday, March 9, 2012

Dear Nana.

Dear Nan,
Since I forgot to send you the postcard I meant to mail you the second I got here, I want to contact you through my blog in hopes that Ma will print it out and bring it to you. I miss you so much Nan. I can't wait to come back so I can do your nails and have dinner with you. I heard you weren't doing so well a few weeks ago, but I hope everything is better now. I also heard that someone is coming to stay the night with you a few nights a week! That's exciting. I'm doing great over here. I travel quite a bit, and I will show you all the pictures of my trip when I get back. Hey! Maybe this is the beginning of my travels. One day I might say I'm a traveler like you! I just need some more experience and I'll be right there with you, one of the great expert travelers of the world haha. I miss you lots Nana. Hugs and kisses from Nicaragua! I love you!

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