Saturday, March 10, 2012

Costa Rica

So if you're in Nicaragua, the place to travel outside of the country is Costa Rica. One of my Honduran friends will be mad at me for this haha, but its true. Over the past week I've seen so many people travel to and from Costa Rica. And, if like me, world geography is not your forte, I will tell you that Costa Roca is to the south of us and Honduras is to the north. To all my visual learners (love ya) here you go!:
 Two of my friends went there for work, a Canadian I met this past week has lived in Costa Rica for ten years and came here for the weekend. Also, the 24th and 25th there's a music festival in Costa Rica with LMFAO, Maroon 5, Skrillex, and a buch of other bands. There are people traveling from Nicaragua for the concert too.
It looks like a lot of fun. Unfortunately, I will not be going to Costa Rica for the concert, but I hope I get to go to Costa Rica before I leave!
Nos vemos!

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