Friday, March 9, 2012

Milly Majuc en concierto.

Hace mucho tiempo!! (It's been a while!) I have a few updates for you :)
Last week was my language partner Laura's birthday, so we went to a bar called The Reef to see a concierto (concert) of one of her favorite bands play.

The band is called Milly Majuc, and the word around town is that they're possibly the best band in Nicaragua (depending on who you talk to of course).

The do a reggae-punk genre of musica that is unlike anything I've heard. It's fantastic. Laura tells me that they could be famous, but they put their musica only in conciertos. So much so that they don't sell their album. The only way to get their musica is to know someone who can give it to you. I know someone, and I'm getting their music haha.
I'll share it when I get back to the states!
Nos vemos!

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