Monday, February 13, 2012

San Juan del Sur

Yesterday we went to San Juan del Sur, a very touristy ocean-side vacation spot in the south (sur) of Nicaragua. It's about a two hour drive from Managua to San Juan del Sur. On the way there we were talking and having a good time in the car. Once we got there, we headed straight for the beach.
It was beautiful, but there wasn't much shade so I was burnt by the end of the day. 
 We had a lot of fun in the water though. At one point when I was swimming, I felt something crawl up my leg... I stayed out of the water after that! haha.
Greydy and I were taking so many photos on the way back. Here's one of the two of us.
 Also, I wanted to get some pictures of everyday Nicaragua, not just the touristy parts, so I took advantage of our truck with tinted windows and was able to get a couple pictures. Here's one of them.
When I came back to the house, the family told me there are other, less touristy parts of San Juan, so we plan on hopefully heading back over there before the semester's over!
Time for some schoolwork! Nos vemos!

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