Wednesday, February 15, 2012

La gente amable II

Today my roommate went to the gym like she does every day, but today she was walking and texting, something I've seen native Nicaraguans do here too. But as she was walking a man that she says hi to every day stopped her.

He told her that there were a lot of ladrones (thieves) on the street and that she probably shouldn't text and walk at the same time so that way they wouldn't cause any problems. He said that while he had been standing there on the corner in the past, there were two times that he saw extranjeros (people from other countries) about to be robbed.
The first time he said he fought off the ladrones. The second time they pulled a knife on him as he was protecting the extranjero.

Because of the way everyone looks at me on the street over here, I began to wonder if someone would help me if I ever got robbed or was in trouble. This man changed that.

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