Thursday, February 9, 2012

El Dinero y Cosas Tipicas

Today I want to talk about currency. The currency here is so interesting-  it's nothing like the United States currency (hehe). It's actually made mostly of plastic, so that it lasts longer than the paper/cloth money of the US.

Also, because they rarely rip, ripped bills are not accepted at most locations. US bills have to be completely in tact to be accepted too. Also, they are each a different color, which makes them easily recognizable.

I have yet to see a bill of mil cordobas (one thousand cordobas).

The exchange rate as of today is ~C$22.92 = US$1.

Just to give you a frame of reference, I spend anywhere from 25-50 cordobas on lunch every day. I normally divide by 20 for quick conversions, so it's about US$1.50 - US$2.50 for lunch at the university. An hour bus ride to the next city costs between C$13 - C$20.

Often people will call them "pesos" instead of cordobas. Which I guess would be the equivalent of "bucks" to "dollars".

Time to go watch a movie at a friends house! Nos vemos!

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  1. Speaking of bucks I just found out where it comes from - in the early 1800s a deer (buck)skin used to cost about a dollar and was a commonly bartered item