Saturday, February 4, 2012

La gente amable.

Everyone I meet here tells me that the people here are really friendly. And it's true. There is not a better example of this than my host family. They are the perfect example of everything I believe in about people. I believe that no matter where you travel, and no matter who you meet, there are just some things understood between people. That's what it's like living with my host family. We may not understand each other sometimes (okay, often), but I feel so welcomed.

Over the past few weeks, the family has been amazing to me. We eat meals together, we've gone out every weekend with the sons who live here, we've meet a lot of their family members, and we'd even been invited to a family birthday party. 

Its amazing because when we're all sitting in the living room watching a movie, they don't feel like a host family at all. They feel like good friends. I don't feel the discomfort of being a guest, I feel the comfort of always being welcomed. And that's better than anything I could have ever imagined.

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