Monday, February 6, 2012

La Laguna Apoyo y Super Bowl Sunday

Yesterday me and Greydy got an early start to the day and went with our friends to la laguna Apoyo, which is the laguna in my post about the Mirador in Catarina.

We went to the Monkey Hut, which is one of the hostel/restaurant/swimming areas there. We were swimming all day long. It was so peaceful there; I had such a good time. For six dollars a day, you get to park there and stay by the lake, use the tubes they had, dive off of their docks, and use their kayaks. It was awesome.

I went out on one of the kayaks. I was kayaking peacefully when all of a sudden I see Greydy and our two friends swimming at me. It was an ambush! I tried to escape but I was paddling against the waves and the wind. My efforts were hopeless. I surrendered and they plundered the kayak and held it captive.

At one point we managed to get all four of us on the one person kayak. When they left to go swimming again, I brought it shore and noticed it was extremely heavy, much heavier than before. Then noticed some writing on it. It said "Do not go far, the kayak is l..king." Oops! But at least it was fun!

Then last night after we got back, we all went out to a restaurant to watch the Super Bowl. It was crazy.Two of my friends placed a 50 cordoba bet (~$2.50) on who would win the game. It got pretty intense toward the end. But I enjoyed the half time show more. I was so engrossed in the show that I forgot that I was in Nicaragua.

Pictures coming soon!!

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