Thursday, January 19, 2012

Naturaleza II y los telefonos celulares

So last night I forgot to finish writing about nature, but it's a good thing because there were even more things I discovered today.

Yesterday I was able to eat una mandarina. It was wonderful. I'd never eaten una fruta so fresh in my life. It felt so natural. Normally I usually sit down to take my time to peel an orange, and maybe spend time with friends in the meantime. Since oranges usually take so long to peel in the United States, I thought I'd ask Greydy if she'd like to join me for la mandarina. But she said she'd probably just eat it, and she looks sort of confused like she didn't understand why I was asking her to eat it together.

Then I opened my mandarina. The peel almost fell off of la fruta on its own. It was as if the peel came off the way the earth intended it to. The taste was so pure and filled la fruta, diferente from oranges in the United States. Also, the seeds of la fruta were plump, and you could see the seed was able to germinate if conditions favor. This was shocking because in the U.S. the seeds are thin and can't germinate naturally, if they have seeds at all.

Today I saw a cotton tree. It was in the tree biodiversity "bosque" ("forest") of UCA. I picked a piece of the algodon (cotton) from the tree. And here's unas fotos of me doing it.

        Picking cotton at la UCA            

The "bosque" that they had there was really interesting because it demonstrated the diversity of the trees in Nicaragua right inside la universidad.

Today we also got cell phones. They had one that was $15 dollars. They're also all prepaid in Nicaragua. It's interesting though because here in Nicaragua you only get charged for making calls, not for receiving calls.

Today was my first mosquito bite. I plan on keeping the numbers low. I have to go do some assignments for clase
Nos vemos!

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