Wednesday, January 18, 2012

It's only day three.

It does seem like a while since I've been in the U.S. and it's only day three. I would like more time to talk to everyone from back home, but it always seems like there is something to do. Today we chose classes. I chose a lot of classes for my environmental science major, but they're in Spanish. Classes start the 31st, and after that we get two weeks to try our courses to see if they are right for us.

Today was also the first day of our intensive Spanish course. Mi profesora is from Cuba and she seems much more strict than the other professors. I like it that way because she will help me a lot with my Spanish.

It seems as though the more I push Spanish into my head, the more I push English out. I'm having difficulty writing this because its getting easier to think in Spanish. By the time I come home, I might need some English lessons (haha).

I'm having a lot of fun here and my roommate and I are getting a lot more comfortable with the family. My roommate Greydy has a blog too, and you can find it at

I'd like to talk a bit about the nature around here. It seems like the houses are very open here so nature is everywhere. Today I saw three dogs walking the streets of Managua on the way back from la Universidad. Yesterday we had one of the asian house geckos stuck between the glass panes of our shower.

I named him Sam, and I became a little worried when he stayed there for over an hour. But alas, he must have moved on to bigger and better things because he was gone this morning. Since they're called Asian house geckos, I would assume they came from Asia, and they're pretty common here, so maybe they're invasive. Actually... I got it! They are invasive. There's information on them at this site: Asian House Geckos.

Well tomorrow I have class at 8am, I have to go. Nos vemos.

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  1. Lizette and I are taking turns reading your entries.

    Ooo we are so happy your roommate is Greydy. She's a good egg. Say hi to her for me!!