Friday, January 20, 2012

La Comida I

The food (comida) is really good in Nicaragua. I love how fresh the food is here. Tambien I have two main foods typical of Nicaragua complete with recipes for you to try (Ash I know you'll love this, this is just the first of the food pages). Enjoy!

PINOLILLO [pi-no-li-jo]: Last night in the house we drank pinolillo. So pinolillo is a drink made from corn and it also has cacao in it. The drink is very typical of Nicaraguan cuisine. It comes out as a mocha color in the glass and has a nutty flavor with a hint of spice. Sometimes it's made with variations of sugar and milk.

Here's the recipe, and also this site has some good tips. Just a word of caution for picky eaters, they say the drink is an acquired taste, but I liked it a lot.

GALLO PINTO [gɑ-jo] [pin-to]: It's a rice and beans dish. Ask anyone in Nicaragua about gallo pinto and they will tell you that it is the national dish here. They have gallo pinto with both breakfast and dinner. Being that I love heavy breakfasts, this is perfect for me. Today, we ate gallo pinto for breakfast with an egg sunny side up (fun fact: eggs don't have to be refrigerated here) and bacon.

Different foods: boas y iguanas (boa constrictors and iguanas). In the countryside it's not strange for someone to eat a boa constrictor or an iguana. The man I talked to said the boa tastes like chicken. He also told me that iguanas do have a lot of meat (contrary to what I previously believed) and that iguana soup is a remedy for sickness in the countryside.

Well it has been a long night.
Nos vemos!

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