Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Naturaleza III

One of my close friends back home recently told me that it was so warm out today (in winter) that she just wore a sweatshirt and was sweating. I used to think the weather patterns were just strange back home, but when I came here, I found out that were not alone up north. It's rained a few times since I've been here. Also its been very cold during the night. These are two weather patterns that are very strange to see in this area during this time of year.

The first week we were here, we traveled to see the malecon (boardwalk) near the plaza nacional (national plaza) of Managua. It's right on the edge of lake Managua. The professors were giving me a short history of the lake. He pointed near to where the water ended, and told me a pier used to be there, and that if I look carefully I can still see it when the waves go by. I looked and lo and behold, there was an underwater pier.

He explained to me that there had been more and more rain in the recent past and in the past five years, the pier went from being above water to underwater. I've talked to a couple people from here about the strange weather. They said that they heard that the strange weather comes from China, but they didn't seem to know the details when I asked more about it.

Side note: Lake Managua has been going through a bio-remediation process for the last five years or so. They use plants to take toxins out of the water.

Although it's comforting to know we are not alone in having strange weather, it's a bit unsettling to see how fast the lake changed down here. It's also unsettling to know that those changes are happening everywhere.

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