Monday, September 24, 2012

Al Final...

This is my last post for a long time. I have long since said goodbye to Nicaragua. I'll pick up my blog when I get back there in the spring.

If you've lived somewhere else, then you know this, so you can share in the truth.

If you haven't then I'll have you know, although I've said goodbye to Nicaragua, I could never forget it. It stays with you. And so when I find a quiet moment to myself, I remember Nicaragua.

I can only hope all my visits to different places will be like this was.

Things I've learned:
It's difficult to take risks in a different country. But there's a choice between passive and active learning. And I didn't take much risk in Nicaragua because I was reminded every day that I was an outsider, and that made me uncomfortable, no one else. Therefore on my own accord I took the passive learning route.

Things to consider: The active learning route. haha

Feel free to check out all of my other posts. I have a lot to say about everything I've experienced there. Although my experiences may be repeats to some, I tell it like it's the first time.


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