Saturday, August 25, 2012

Semana Santa 2012 - Parte 3

On Saturday, once we were back in Managua, we raced back to the house, dropped our things, showered and set out again. This time we were headed to the vacation spot - San Juan del Sur. We had no idea how to get there so we walked back to the bus station and asked around.

The Trip
There were two stops. Taxi to Huembes, Managua; bus to Rivas; second bus to San Juan del Sur
 (The map to the left shows where in Nicaragua, and the map to the right shows the trip).

We left the house around 1:00pm and finally arrived to San Juan around 6:00pm.

San Juan del Sur

 Once we arrived, we headed straight for the beach. It's a touristy town, so we saw a lot of extranjeros like ourselves. Our friends told us that a lot of people had stayed all week and left the day before.

We stayed the night in a hotel across the street from our friends' place. They had stayed the whole week, but we joined them for the rest of the weekend.

We went to Playa Maderas the next day. It's a beach where a lot of tourists surf, so the waves were too strong to swim. But they had beds on the beach to relax on, so I took full advantage of that opportunity.

We returned to Managua about 9pm Sunday night: 8 people in one camioneta (pickup truck) for the two hour drive (we weren't the only ones catching a ride back to Managua haha).

The week was amazing. I am very lucky to have experienced it with such great people.

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