Thursday, February 23, 2012

Festival de Poesia: Granada

On Saturday, we went to the festival of poesia (poetry) in Granada. It's an annual event where poetas (poets) from all over the world come to recite their poesia.

 We first stopped by the hand made mercados de artesania (Artisan Markets) that they had there for the event. This is a picture of me and my language partner. The handmade bags were woven by the women selling them.

We saw several poetas in the mesa de poetas (Poet's Table) that they have every night, including poets from  Ireland and the States, as well as Spain and Nicaragua. The sign in the back says, "Welcome, Poets of the World".  One of the well-known Nicaraguan poetasGioconda Belli,  recited her poesia at the mesa de poetas while we were there.

 They had just finished una misa (mass) at one of the churches, so Greydy and I were lucky enough to see inside before they closed. It was beautiful.
After that we walked around for a bit and Greydy stopped to take some pictures with a group of kids. Having worked at a summer camp, I'm the game inventor master. So I tried to make a game out of the pictures. They loved the pictures, but not the game. Oh well, you win some, you lose some. 

Later we saw a Nicaraguan rock-traditional group called la Cuneta Son Machin in concert in the parque central in Granada (see previous Granada post for more stories on the parque central). The policia (police) made us sit for most of the concert, but for the last three songs (and my favorite song, El Chicle Se Me Pego) the band invited everyone to dance. It got wild with people spraying beer into the crowd and people moshing near the stage (that's me with the ponytail).
More adventures to come..
Nos Vemos! 

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