Sunday, January 29, 2012

Catarina y las Ciudades

Today we went on a tour of the surrounding cities through la UCA. We went to the "mirador" (scenic view) in Catarina and were able to see the laguna Apoyo from there.

 There were many people there looking at la vista (the view) from above. Later on one of my friends told me the view from below is even better. Hopefully I get to check it out during the semester
 There were many people riding on horses throughout the path instead of walking. I found this sign which I thought was pretty interesting. It says, "Transit limit for tourists passing by horse. After this limit we don't respond for your safety." I liked the look of the sign. 

During the trip today we also traveled to Granada and Masaya again. I was out late last night dancing the night away to salsa, so that's all folks! I'm off to bed. 
Nos vemos!

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